Pretty sure they don’t teach you how to prepare for THIS type of paragliding landing.

A man in the ACT had made a near perfect landing recently when it looked like he was being greeted by some curious wildlife.

But it turns out this welcoming committee of kangaroos was none too happy that this bloke had landed on THEIR turf!

Jonathan Bishop’s helmet mounted GoPro camera captured the moment he landed at Orroral Valley in Namadgi National Park, near Canberra, when several ‘roos can be seen hopping over to where he was about to land.

At first Mr Bishop assumed the animals would be friendly as he can be heard saying “Hey what’s up Skip?”

But before the 35-year-old has even touched the ground, one of the territorial kangaroo starts taking a swing at him.

Mr Bishop then yells “Hey f–k off, ahh f–k off! Go away!”


Fortunately the kangaroo didn’t stick around for long and soon took off back into the tscrub, much to Mr Bishops relief.


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