When Married At First Sight finished up earlier this year we thought that nothing could ever come close to competing with the entertainment that the reality show provided.

But we were wrong, and it’s been one very tough week as we’ve had to somehow cope without an episode of the show that could rival MAFS for the top reality spot, Love Island Australia, to watch every night. It’s been tough to say the least.

And so in celebration of the Kyle and Jackie O show coming back from the winter break we decided to heat things up a bit and bring the cast of Love Island back together for a reunion. And boy did we find out some amazing stuff during this segment!

Exhibit A: Tayla and Justin revealed that they actually had a MASSIVE argument in the villa but it never made it to air! (Seriously Love Island this was your one fault…stop filtering out the drama! That is the stuff that we live for!).

And apparently it was kinda nasty! You might forget after the whole love triangle between Tayla, Grant and Cassidy, but during the first week of Love Island Justin actually told Tayla that he was feeling, what the islanders would describe as willy wobbles, for her.


On screen we saw the awkward convo take place when Justin told Tayla he had the feels, while she giggled and said something along the lines of ’Oh that’s nice’.

Of course we know that Tayla ended up pursuing Grant while Justin ended up staying in his original couple Millie, and we assumed that things just fizzled out between Justin and Taya. But according to them they actually had a major blow up that we never got to see!

“Was there a fight also cut out between you and Tayla?” Jackie asked Justin.

“It wasn’t a physical fight it was just a conversation,” said Justin. But before he could continue Tayla interrupted and admitted,” yes, we had a fight.”

Oooohh do tell us more Tay!

“It was a bit of a like, bitch fight if I’m honest. It was very nasty between us” continued Tayla. “Justin won, I ran off crying as I do as usual.”


According to Justin, Tayla had approached him to ask why he had been ignoring her. This angered Justin because in actual fact he had been showing a lot of attention to Tayla after professing his feelings for her and telling her he wanted to recouple together.

He said that Tayla pretty much flat out rejected him and so it was unfair of her to accuse him of ignoring her!

Wow boy, they told us that emotions run high in the Villa but come on this must’ve been a pretty silly argument…

So why then didn’t it make it to air? Well according to Tayla, she reckons it’s because the producers actually felt really sorry for her because after just a few days she’d already gotten herself into a number or fights.

“I think they felt sorry for me,” explained Tayla. “It was like day three and it was like let’s just not show her getting attacked by like everyone. I was already crying about Grant so it was like okay let’s just let that slide.”

Poor Tayla! But more importantly, we’re just imagining how different this show would’ve been if Tayla and Justin would’ve gotten together! Let’s just take a moment to think about what could’ve been…Ahh Jayla…


Watch The Full Love Island Australia Reunion With Kyle And Jackie O 

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