Whenever we think of Justin Lacko, we immediately think about Zoolander. Not only are both of them models but one of the things we love about Justin the most is that he constantly reminds us how ridiculously good looking is.

Just yesterday Justin announced the exciting news on his Instagram account that he’s going to become a dad, telling us that his former girlfriend Anita is pregnant with his baby.

“LIFE!!!! I can’t believe this is happening but it’s the best news to hear and I am very excited to share with you all that I’m going to be a daddy,” he wrote alongside a sonogram picture. “Here’s to celebrating my last year of my 20s and becoming a daddy in 2020.”

Kyle and Jackie O called up Justin this morning to congratulate him on the news, with Justin telling us that the pregnancy truly is a blessing.

“It’s such a blessing,” Justin told us. “I mean I’ve always wanted to be a dad eventually so I guess it’s happening now and I get to leave the final year of my 20s, going into my 30s, having a kid.”


Of course, the one thing Kyle and Jackie O really wanted to know about was what Justin would do if his baby wasn’t very, very, ridiculously good looking like him!

“Now what happens Justin, you know how some kids are really ugly and some kids are beautiful and the people who’ve got ugly kids they can’t tell that they’re ugly,” Kyle said jokingly. “What if the baby is not beautiful? What are you going to do then?”

“It’s going to be difficult, you know, but we’ll get there” Justin replied.

Of course he then burst into laughter and added, “I’m sure that my child will cast a spell on me and I’ll just fall in love with it.”


Justin told us that they are about 16 or 17 weeks into the pregnancy and will be finding out the sex soon. As for what he’s hoping for, Justin told us that he really wants a boy. He’s even got a name planned!

“I want a boy! But only because I think it might be easier for me to adapt or understand what he’s going through during school,” Justin explained.

“Anita’s background is Italian and I think I’m Italian at the soul so we have thought about maybe the name Nicola. But we’re still undecided. I think it’s still early days.”

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Justin and Anita are planning to co-parent their child together despite a relationship not working out between them.


“You need to talk to one another and I’m not one of these people that abandons someone in a situation like this,” he said. “I’m taking full responsibility for everything and it’s a blessing.

“So we’re having a child and we’re both really happy and I can’t wait for it.”

Congratulations to Justin and Anita! Hear more from our chat with Justin in the video above.

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