As long as you love me, I’ll be your platinum, I’ll be your silver, I’ll be your gold… I’ll also be your Wedding Tux coordinator?

The biebs needs your help! As the pop sensation prepares to marry Hailey Bieber again in South Carolina, he has taken to social media, requesting our help with finding him the perfect tuxedo!

“Help me choose a tux for my wedding. It’s between these three,” he shared on Instagram with a series of err… interesting/weird/wacky looks.

What are your thought son his selections below?

But wait, there’s more…


Less than an hour later he posted again saying, “Help me choose my tuxedo for the wedding, here are two more options.” Now these next round of suits are truly unique…

His bride to be, Hailey, is fan of the Dumb and Dumber tux (short shorts with tight top). She commented, “I like the last one personally.”

It will be interesting to see which angle he takes with his wedding fashion this time round!

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