We’ve just heard the great news! Justin Bieber’s ex, blogger Jayde Pierce is six months pregnant and seriously GLOWING! Not just because she’s got an unlimited supply of highlighter, either.

After initial thoughts that Justin Bieber fathered the bub, it has now been revealed that it’s fellow blogger Mike Dixon that is responsible for the burgeoning bump. Jayde and Justin split at the beginning of the year after a brief romance.

The blogger kept her pregnancy under wraps until two weeks ago, when she posted a photo of herself on Instagram, wearing a swimsuit, with the bump clearly visible.


Jayde wrote: ‘We are so excited to finally announce we are expecting a baby! I still can’t believe me and the love of my life have created another life that’s growing inside of me.

‘It’s been the hardest but one of the best times of my life so far.

We can’t wait to meet you little baby & we love you so much.’ The couple – who live together in London – have been dating less than a year and describe the baby as unexpected blessing.

Jayde and the rapper are very active on social media but concealed the pregnancy until they got the all-clear five month scan.


‘I didn’t think I would have kids.

There was no actual reason for me not to have kids, I just wasn’t bothered about kids I just didn’t think it would happen. ‘I thought ”Oh my god” as I’m only 21.

Now I’m fine with my age but at first I was thinking ”I’m still young, I’ve started my career” and I was just thinking about stuff like that and I just got over it.’

Source: Daily Mail

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