Full disclosure, we’ve had to take a minute before writing this because Justin Bieber is FIRE.

Every now and then, the kid manages to whip out a performance that leaves everyone speechless and pretty much wipes out any tantrum, stage walk-off or bit of bratty behaviour he’s thrown our way.

And this is one of them.

Biebs headed to The Ellen Show earlier this week for the usual chat, but settled down with his acoustic guitar afterwards for a rendition of his hit track Cold Water that simultaneously gave everybody goosebumps and also maybe made them want to have his babies.

Even Ellen herself tweeted that she wouldn’t be surprised if anyone needed cold water after watching it.

Because, look, we all love the Sorrys and What Do You Means but when it’s just Bieber, a guitar and that hot-as voice?



Check out the clip below, preferably sitting in front of a fan.

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