Pizza etiquette is important, but this Kiwifruit abomination just pushed it out the window.

Many purists to the art off the pizza would tell you that anything more than the simple Pizza Margherita is sacrilege, but in the Australian tradition we’ve settled for a more simple debate; should pineapple be allowed on pizza.

For a typically savoury dish, loading it up with the sweet punch of pineapple is such a huge tonal shift that it might as well be an entirely different food, but loading it with the slightly sour kiwifruit is just way, way too far.

The monstrosity, posted to Reddit’s r/shittyfoodporn, certainly doesn’t help its’ case by being loaded with 27 poorly-cut pieces of the fruit, and dressed with seemingly no concern for the placement thereof.

Kiwi pizza from a Danish pizzeria, an unholy abomination from shittyfoodporn

Commenters weren’t entirely dismissive of the concept, with u/plsobeytrafficlights responding “..i donno. i mean, this particular pizza looks bad, but i kinda want to try the combo..”.


What disturbed us, to discover, though, was some commenters mentioning “Swedish Banana Pizza”. We’d nearly erased that monstrosity from our memory, but it does in fact turn out to still be a real thing, and not some fever dream.

If you’re thinking of putting fruit on pizza, we have a simple guide to help you figure out which ones will and won’t work:

  • Tomato
  • Literally anything else

We hope that’s straightforward enough to keep you safe from the dangers of bad pizza ideas.

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