There was once a time when we were so close to seeing Julie Bishop become the Prime Minister of Australia during our most recent leadership spill.

But instead in 2018, Julie made the decision to leave federal politics altogether, leaving her position as Minister for Foreign affairs and as deputy leader of the Liberal Party.

Here on the Kyle and Jackie O Show though we’ve never given up hope that Julie could make a big return to the world of politics and actually run for PM one day in the future.

And today as she joined us for a chat we decided to see whether this would ever be a possibility.

“Is there any chance that you would get back into politics and we may see you as Prime Minister one day?” Kyle asked. “I would love that. You would be very good at it.”

Unfortunately for all Julie Bishop fans out there, the odds of this aren’t looking good.

“Kyle I was in Federal Parliament for 20 years and I ended up holding what I found to be the most rewarding and challenging role in the federal government and that was foreign minister,” Julie told us.


“And so mid 2018 with the leadership battle it was time for me to move on to a third career. I had a career in law and then in politics and now in the private sector so I’m very happy doing what I’m doing.”

Later on in the chat Julie admitted that there are certainly parts of the role that she misses but she doesn’t see herself going back.

“There are aspects of political life that of course I miss but overall I’m really excited about what I’m doing now,” she continued. “I have control over my own life, my own agenda and I can focus on things that I really care about so I’m really starting to enjoy life to its fullest again.”

Hear our full chat with Julie Bishop in the podcast below!


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