The last thing you want to hear while sitting at a big, crowded, concert is that there’s an emergency, but this is exactly what happened to two Aussie celebs over the weekend.

Jules Sebastian and Samantha Jade were in New York City seeing the one and only Jennifer Lopez perform when suddenly they were told to evacuate.

Thankfully, the reason for the evacuation wasn’t anything too sinister and was actually due to a mass blackout that sent Manhattan into darkness after a transformer exploded.

But regardless, at the time Jules and Samantha Jade clearly thought the worst and they explained just how terrified they were on Jules’ Instagram story.

The first story showed a video of Jules and Sam walking through the streets of Manhattan on their way to the concert, followed by a video of JLo’s opening song.


This was followed by a selfie video of the girls, explaining that their girls night out in Madison Square Garden had been cut short as the power went out.

“We were just at the JLo concert… We caught the first two songs,” explained Samantha Jade. “And then we saw the lights went out. We thought it may be part of the show.

“It felt really scary. The band was still on the stage, JLo came out. We were like, ‘Okay she’s still here we might be okay’. And then we heard an announcement to evacuate.”

“Emergency evacuation for the audience to leave,” Jules added.

The girls said that their first thought was to just grab each other and run.

“And we got up, I’ve never seen two people get up as fast as we did,” Jules continued. “And we just grabbed each other.”


“Held hands and ran for our lives. We were petrified,” Samantha finished.

How terrifying!

The blackout was eventually restored after several hours and no deaths or injuries were reported due to the blackout.

JLo has also since taken to her Instagram to address the power outage, telling her fans she was “heartbroken” that the show had to be cancelled. She has since rescheduled the performance for Monday night local time!