Jennifer Aniston has poked fun at less-than-luxurious airliners in a new advertisement for Emirates.

In the ad, the Friends star finds herself searching the plane for a shower, while wearing a white robe, only to be told there isn’t one.

“Well I’m gonna look pretty silly dressed like this going to the bar,” Aniston tells a flight attendant.

“There’s no bar here… but we do have hot towels and a bag of peanuts,” the flight attendant responds, while cackling.

Aniston awakes from her nightmare in a first class Emirates suite in an A380 aircraft, where she has a shower and heads to the bar.

The actress recently signed a $US5 million ($A7.06 million) deal to be the face of the airline, according to reports in The New York Post in August.


She’s not the first famous face to be snatched up by an airline as Nicole Kidman is the star of Etihad’s Hollywood Glamour global brand campaign.

Aniston’s tongue-in-cheek ad is in stark contrast with Kidman’s serious and artistic ad for rival airliner Etihad.

Released earlier this year, Kidman’s ad focused more on the airliner’s food, design and staff outfits.


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