Former ‘Dance Moms’ star Jojo Siwa, I think we can say is the most successful of her Dance Mom’s alumni.

Having amassed a FORTUNE from creating her own brand and merchandising targeting young girls (I bet Abby regrets being so mean to her now! Justice is served!)

The 17 year old is an idol to many young girls and is a great role model with the message to not feel pressure to grow up too quickly.

Enjoy your childhood children!!

The young woman recently uploaded a video on TikTok where she has 26.9 million followers with the caption “Meet Mark”.

Siwa is dressed in her boyfriend’s clothing and he pops up dressed head to toe as Jojo, covered in glitter and sequins.


Meet Mark:) @mark.bontempo

♬ Famous (I’m the One) – Mozzy & IAMSU!



It’s adorable, our little dancing queen is growing up!

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