Not too long ago Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s messy marriage broke down and their relationship was pretty much flushed down the toilet. But what exactly caused this relationship break down?

Well if you believe Johnny Depp’s accusations it appears that the actor was pushed over the edge in one of their fight’s in particular because of something pretty effed up that Amber did.

According to The Mirror, Johnny has accused his now ex-wife of doing a poo in the couple’s bed in order to get some sort of revenge. Yep. We told you. effed up.

In the reports it’s alleged that Johnny and Amber had a massive argument on her 30th birthday back in 2016 after he showed up two hours late to her party. Johnny says that she then tried to get back at him by sh*tting in their sheets.

When he found the little surprise that Amber had apparently left for him, Johnny stormed out of their LA apartment but the dirty sheets were found the next day but the couple’s housekeeper.

Originally Amber tried to blame the mess on one of the pair’s dogs Boo. A representative for Amber told The Mirror, “Boo has some serious bowel control problems. There was never a joke, it wasn’t something done to be disrespectful.”

However, the housekeeper said that there was no way that poor Boo was to blame because the “faeces were too big to be from their dog.”


Yeah that’s an image that we didn’t need in our heads…

We’re now starting to make connections between this story and others from the messy divorce between Amber and Johnny.

The Mirror reports that about a month after the poop incident occurred the couple had another argument about it and it’s at this point that that nasty fight allegedly occurred where Johnny was accused of throwing a mobile phone that then hit Amber in the face.Johnny has always maintained that he never used physical violence against Amber. 

When Amber then divorced Depp, she filed for a restraining order and accused him of being “paranoid” and “obsessing about something untrue”. Could this have been the poop incident?

We always knew this relationship breakdown was messy…but we just didn’t know how literal it actually was!

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