Since Mayer and Swift’s split a few years ago, Mayer has enjoyed a string of relationships with female celebs, namely – the only person Taylor Swift isn’t besties with, Katy Perry.

What he hasn’t enjoyed however, is the dizzying success that Taylor Swift has achieved.

In an interview on the TODAY Show, Mayer said Swift was ‘really cool’ for standing up for fellow artists and pulling her music from Spotify, though he does seem a little sore about her success.

‘There are going to be times when I make music as popular or empirically valuable as [Swift’s] that won’t sell as many copies and I’m fine with that.’

He went on to make another strange comparison…

‘Look, if I save a baby from a burning building and Kanye saves a baby from a burning building, there’s more Google news hits on Kanye. I’m fine with it.’

During the interview he also insisted that ‘nothing bothers me anymore’… yet he later admitted he gets frustrated when people don’t recognise him at the airport.


See the full interview below…

Video via ohsoswiftly YouTube

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