In the last episode of The Voice Australia we saw all of the coaches get mad at Guy Sebastian over a “cheating scandal”… Something that we didn’t actually know was possible to do on this show.

Basically Guy Sebastian’s team was completely full, meaning that he could no longer turn around for artists. Or so we thought.

Guy enjoyed one guy’s voice so much that he decided to just push his button anyway turning around his chair and causing a huge kerfuffle.

Kyle and Jackie O were chatting with John Legend this morning, who just so happens to be one of the coaches on The Voice over in America, when they filled him in on what had happened.


They wondered whether anything like this had ever happened on their version of the show, but John explained that it’s actually impossible to cheat over there because their button actually stops working when their teams are full.

Hear our full chat with John Legend about The Voice and the whole cheating scandal in the podcast below!

We reckon the producers here in Australia are going to take a leaf out of this book and make sure the buttons stop working here too for next season…

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