Put two known radio shock jocks on the air together and who knows where things will go…

Yep there really were no boundaries this morning when radio legend and longtime friend of the show John Laws joined Kyle and Jackie O this morning.

In case you haven’t listened to John before, all you really need to know about him before listening to our interview with him is that he’s probably the most honest and upfront person that we know, not afraid to speak his mind no matter how awkward things get.

And he certainly proved as much when he asked this one question live on the air this morning…

We had been chatting about a variety of things, including a 60 minutes special that Kyle and Jackie O are going to be doing for their 20th anniversary next year, when suddenly John changed the subject to ask a very important question.

John wanted to know if after all of these years on air together, whether Kyle and Jackie have finally, ugh… done the deed.

“Listen I’d rather talk about you two. Have you two, sort of, you know,” John trailed off. “Have you, done it?”


“Have we had sex?!” Kyle exclaimed.

“Have we done it yet?” Jackie added, immediately exploding in a fit of laughter.

“No we haven’t,” Kyle answered, joining in on the laughter.

“We probably will never have sex I’d imagine John,” Jackie said.

But John didn’t understand why the thought of this was so funny! Thinking practically, he made mention of the fact that they’re both single, so why not?

“Well you’re both single,” John said. “I mean if you feel like a bit…”


“Is that what you’d suggest?” Jackie asked.

“How does one let one know one’s up for such activity?” Kyle asked.

And so John decided to give him some pointers. John said it’s all in the eyes.

“Look it’s the eyes,” he told Kyle. “That’s all you’ve got to worry about, the eyes. You can see it a mile off.”

How on earth did we end up here?! Although people have always seemed to think that Kyle and Jackie would come out as a couple one day…

The rest of our chat with John Laws was much the same i.e. very forward and absolutely HILARIOUS!


Listen in the video above!