John Edward is a good friend of the Kyle and Jackie O Show and he often stops by the studio to do some readings.

And no we don’t mean from a book or something – John is a psychic medium and he does readings for us and our listeners beyond the grave.

Despite witnessing these incredible connections with those who have passed numerous times, it still ceases to amaze us watching John at work.

Like today when John instantly connected with one of our listener’s late husbands, who had passed away from an accident almost one year ago.

Hear our full chat with Psychic Medium John Edward in the podcast below!



John actually managed to connect with our listener’s husband before he even spoke with her on the phone.

“Is there someone on the phone that we’re going to talk to that has a husband or brother who passed?” John asked out of the blue.

Caitlin was that listener and she was the first caller lined up to speak with John.

John then began his reading and it was immediately clear that Caitlin’s husband really had come through.

“Does the month of March have a meaning to you?” John asked.


Caitlin’s voice immediately broke as she answered, “Yes”. As it turns out, March was her wedding anniversary with her late husband.

John went on to describe the feeling he was getting from Caitlin’s husband, saying that if he were sitting in the room he would likely be making fun of John’s profession.

Caitlin confirmed this, admitting that her husband was a bit of a sceptic.

“And happy birthday Caitlin. Somebody’s got a birthday that’s coming up shortly,” John said. “He’s making me feel like my birthday is coming up.”

“My son’s birthday is on Sunday,” Caitlin replied, trying to hold back her tears.

Jackie too had to try and hold back the tears at this point, as it was clear that John really had made a connection with Caitlin’s partner.


After establishing this connection, John went on to give Caitlin a message from her husband. He wanted Caitlin to know that he would always be there watching over her and watching over their son, and any other kids that Caitlin may have in the future.

We have to admit, even we were feeling a little teary at this point!

You can watch the spine-tingling reading in the video above!

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