Move over Osher Gunsberg and Sophie Monk, a new Aussie personality is in town to host a reality dating show!

Joel Creasey is one guy who’s known for his hilarious comedy acts and so it goes without saying that his new TV show is going to be just as funny. So much so though that he told us that he had to at times remind himself that he was actually hosting a reality dating show and now just a comedy festival.

While speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning about the premiere of his upcoming TV show Take Me Out, he explained that it was a lot of fun to film and it’s a dating show that actually works!

“There are some couples still together, and I forgot that that was a part of it because I approached it as a comedy show,” said Joel. “And then I hear that some couples are still together and I’m like oh my god I’m totes cupid.”

The way that the show works is that 30 women line up in front of buzzers while one guys stand in front of them trying to impress them and convince at least one of them to go on a date with them.

The girls can buzz out at any time if they don’t like what they see. But we like the way that Joel describes it better. It’s like Tinder but for reality TV! And us people at home get to enjoy every single cringey moment of it on our couch with out popcorn!

“It is so much fun! You know there’s all these other dating shows on TV that act all holier than thou and there’s rose ceremonies and people are getting married at first sight and we know that’s crap,” said Joel.


“That’s not what’s happening in real life, people are on tinder swiping left and right in a matter of seconds and that’s what our show is.”

Sounds like our kind of show TBH! What makes it a little different to tinder and possibly a bit closer to bumble is that the women are in control.

“So essentially what happens is there’s 30 girls behind buzzers, they’re in control and a guy comes out and they have three rounds to decide if they wanna go on a date with humanoid they can buzz out at any point,” explained Joel.

“It’s kind of like that scene in the first Jurassic Park film when they lower the goat into the T-Rex cage.”

And if that doesn’t get you excited enough for the show, just wait until you hear Joel explaining just how brutal some of the women can be! We’ve got our popcorn and tea at the ready that’s for sure!

Hear Joel explain Take Me Out in full in the video above! The show kicks off tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 7.

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