Attention all Harry Potter fans: J.K. Rowling has debunked a Harry Potter fan theory about Draco Malfoy and it will shock you all! 

While Draco may be a lot of things, apparently he is NOT a werewolf! 

Rowling recently tweeted to her fans that the popular fan theory about the above was in fact, incorrect. 

However, while the author herself may have said the theory isn’t true, here is where the theory stemmed from (and why we think it could still be true!) 


First of all, we all just assumed that Draco is a Death Eater because Harry assumed he was.. and we all like siding with Harry! 

There’s also a scene at the beginning of Half Blood Prince where Harry sees Draco threaten Borgin by showing him something on his arm, but Harry never properly saw it. So fans believe that Draco was showing him the werewolf bite that turned him. 

So why would Greyback attack Draco and turn him into a werewolf if both of them are working for You-Know-Who? Greyback and Voldemort have their own arrangement.. Greyback doesn’t have to believe in the Dark Lord’s master plan but because all he wants is to bite and turn as many people as he can into werewolves and working for Voldemort gives him access to victims, it suits both parties. Voldemort is then able to use Greyback as a threat over parents who don’t comply with his wishes… as in he will unleash Greyback on their children. 

AND considering Draco’s parents have failed Voldemort so many times, it’s hugely possible that the agreement above was the case for Draco! 

But if J.K. Rowling says it’s not true then I guess we’ll have to let all the above go! 


Source: peopleschoice blog

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