Jimmy Kimmel had kids explain what adultery is on Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Love,” following the hack of the Ashley Madison dating site for married people looking to cheat.

Kimmel discussed in his monologue the recent hack of Ashley Madison, which promotes affairs and boasts 37 million users. After saying he wondered whether children were aware of what “cheating” means, the talk show host sent a camera crew out onto the streets of Hollywood and had random kids give their best explanations. The results were hilarious.

When one little girl was asked what “adultery” was, she responded, “To be a movie star?” The interviewer than asked her to name an adulterer, to which she replied, “Um, Johnny Depp?” Another young girl believed adultery to be “a dog running,” while a third girl guessed it was “archery for adults.” A fourth girl simply believed it meant “being an adult.”

A little boy was up next, and his explanation of adultery was “parenting that is fun, nourishing and all sorts of things.” When asked if his own parents were adulterers, he replied that both of them were. Next, a girl who couldn’t have been more than three-years-old responded, “Adultery? I don’t know what those are.” She then began laughing, and agreed with the interviewer that adultery was funny.

The question was posed in a slightly different way for the next batch of kids, with the interviewer asking, “What does it mean when somebody cheats on somebody?” One girl simply said, “It means they’re not following the rules.” But a second girl may have been onto something when she replied, “That means that they get the wrong person, and they might accidentally get the different person that they’re not supposed to get.” The interviewer asked the girl to clarify if “cheating” was an “accident,” and the girl responded that it was “usually an accident, but not all the time.” The interviewer followed up with a possible example of it not being an “accident,” by asking, “Like if you went on to Ashley Madison?” The little girl replied, “Yes.”


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