Jessica Rowe has deleted her interview with Pauline Hanson from her podcast following backlash for giving the controversial politician a platform.

In a statement, the television personality revealed her reasoning behind deleting the episode, writing: “There has been much reaction and comment to my podcast conversation with Pauline Hanson today. Pauline’s political views are the opposite of mine. I have never agreed with her on those issues. Never will. Kindness is at the heart of who I am.

“Amongst the comments today I heard from some who I admire enormously including Nakkiah Lui and Grace Tame and I want to thank them especially for their candour.”

In the episode, Pauline spoke about her relationships, finding love and her stint in prison.

“Who is stuff like this for? Who is the person who is listening to Jessica Rowe and thinking they might like to hear what prominent racist and electoral criminal Pauline Hanson reckons about love and kids? Why is our media like this?” wrote one person.

Haven’t listened to the interview. So don’t know what Hanson said. But I LOVE that the gorgeous, generous Jessica Rowe acted immediately out of kindness for others. Let the critics – on all sides – carp; but know the talented Jess did what she thought was right. That’s never wrong,” wrote another. 

Another added, “Why would anyone interview Hanson? Racism should not be given air time. Good that Jessica Rowe has listened to people’s feedback and requested the interview be taken down.”


Pauline Hanson has since responded to the deletion, writing on social media: “At 9:56pm, my office received an email to advise a podcast I’d participated in some weeks ago with Jess Rowe was being pulled.

“I note Jess was sent several tweets, condemning her for conducting a non-political interview with me. Twitter haters bombarded Jess online to a point where she obviously felt pressured to remove the podcast. Shame on keyboard warriors for impacting Jessica’s mental well-being.

“Cancel culture in this country is killing debate, freedom of speech, and shutting down conservative political representation.”

Do you think Jess made the right decision in deleting the episode?

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