Jess Mauboy joined Kyle and Jackie O in studio this morning to perform an acoustic rendition of her latest hit ‘Little Things’ from her upcoming album.

While in studio we had a bit of a chat with Jess and she revealed a pretty terrifying story about something that happened to her dad, Ferdy Mauboy!

Turns out that her father, who works as an electrician, had a pretty terrifying experience while on a worksite one day.

“My dad was in an accident, he’s an electrician, so he was actually looking after a site,” Jess explained to us this morning.

“And he looked down into one of the pits where his really good mate was and his mate accidentally cut the wrong wire, a live wire and everything was meant to be cut off.”


Jess told us that almost instantaneously and before anyone could do anything, there was a big explosion.

“It was like a seven metre deep pit and it just exploded and my dad was like half on fire.”

Thankfully, both Jess’ dad and his friend survived the incident and it easily could ended up much worse than it did. But both of them were badly burnt after catching fire.

“The last thing that he did, which was crazy, before he went down he ran to one of the side mirrors of the car just to look how badly burnt he was and then he passed out,” Jess told us.

“It was like he just couldn’t handle the burns. it was just that painful that he just passed out.”

Thank goodness he’s doing okay now!

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