Singing Advance Australia Fair is a massive career perk for any performer… but yesterday Jessica Mauboy was a no show…

While she was at the track, when she was introduced to perform she was no-where to be found.

She is yet to comment about the incident, however reports in The Australian say a representative cited problems with “clothing and preparation” as the reason for her no show.

The representative was also sure to add that Jessica is “incredibly sorry”.

Victorian Racing Cup President Simon Lowe seemingly wasn’t impressed by the last minute change up.


“We were very disappointed that Jessica Mauboy was on course, and didn’t perform today,” he said in a statement.

The news wasn’t bad for everyone though, with backup singer Nadia Aya getting the call up.

With 30 seconds notice, Nadia was informed she would be singing the national anthem at the prestigious event and from all accounts impressed the crowd.

Watch Nadia Aya perform with Jess Mauboy in the Kiis1065 studios last month. 

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