Could this be one of the most awkward interviews of all time?

Yesterday, it was announced that Ruby Rose and Jess from the Veronica’s had rekindled their romance after Rose had directed their new film clip.

Meshel Laurie commented that she thought the relationship could be a little bit of a ‘showbiz lesbian relationship’ as the girls press for publicity regarding their new single ‘On Your Side’.

These comments were made by Meshel before she knew the Veronica’s were going to be in the 3PM Pick Up studio today.


Not one to hold back, Meshel confronted the issue head on during her chat, alongside Matt Tilley, this morning.

Immediately, Jess accepted Meshel’s apology over the comments but then Lisa interjected and said that she should reveal the generous side of Ruby’s personality and nobody expected the amazing gesture that was to come.

Lisa started off by revealing that the Veronica Sisters mother had been very sick and during that time Ruby had been an ‘’amazing support system in our lives.’’

Continuing to tell the story, the girls revealed that Ruby Rose had flown their mother over to Auckland at a time where ‘’she wouldn’t fly’’ and paid it all… and it was first class.

The illness had meant she couldn’t be on set for the filming, but Ruby had made sure that every single detail was perfect for her to fly and be with the girls at an important stage in their career.

It didn’t stop there either!


Rose went on to get Hollywood movie stars involved and got Vin Diesel to record a message for the girl’s mum, and it was ‘’motivational’ to help her during her time of need.

Finishing the interview, the Lisa aid that Ruby ‘truly is one of the most compassionate souls we know and my mum is luckier than me.’’

The Veronica’s new video, directed by Rose, will be premiered in the next two weeks.

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