Jesinta Campbell has opened up about her mental health in a candid interview with OK magazineWhile she’s been praised for supporting new husband Buddy Franklin through his battle with depression, Campbell revealed she regularly visits a professional to seek help for her own mental health issues. 

“I don’t have any fear of talking about it and being open about my mental health or helping those around me feel more comfortable talking about it,” she told OK Magazine.  

The stunning model explained she finds it helpful to talk to somebody about her worries and stresses as it allows her to ‘download’ them in a safe environment.

“I’ve found it really helpful and feel so much better after a session,’ she said,

The 25-year-old recently released a book called ‘Live a Beautiful Life’ which details the struggles she and new husband Buddy have faced since his battle with mental health issues was made public earlier this year.

“Recently my fiancé’s battle with mental illness was made public after he took time-out from playing football as his team approached the finals,” she writes. 

“At the time, I could go to the gym, put my music in and train, and for that hour nothing occupied my mind other than what was happening in the present moment.”  


“I learnt that looking after my health means I’m in best shape to take on the challenges in life,” she continued. 

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