This morning, Kyle and Jackie O spoke to Jen, who walked off The Bachelor last night in a dramatic showdown.

It all happened after Jen told Matty what he’d heard Lisa say about him in the house.

According to Jen, Lisa called Matty a ‘fame whore’ and admitted she ‘wasn’t into him’ – Jen then took it upon herself to ‘warn’ Matty.

Afterwards, Elise confronted Jen, calling her out for throwing another girl ‘under the bus’. A fight ensued, and over it, Jen packed her things and left the mansion.

However, this morning, Jen described the moment we didn’t get to see; where Florence, or ‘Flo’, came to Jen’s rescue, claiming that Lisa did in fact say what Jen accused her of, and Elise knew it, too. Oooooh, the plot THICKENS.

Jackie then said, ‘You don’t see a lot from her on the show, is that why? [because she’s not actually into Matty?]. ’It’s probably because she’s boring, that was the most interesting thing she’d said,’ Jen replied.


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