Jason Derulo is about to star in his very first Hollywood film – and what a MASSIVE one to start with!

Derulo will join an all-star cast, including Taylor Swift, Dame Judy Dench, James Corden, Idris Elba, Rebel Wilson and Jennifer Hudson, for the live-action film of the classic musical Cats!

In the film, Jason plays the cat called Rum Tum Tugger and is actually made to look like a feline using some pretty clever CGI.

But how did he manage to get the movements and mannerisms of a cat down pat? Turns out this took a lot more work!

Jason Derulo joined Kyle and Jackie O this morning to chat about the upcoming film, when he revealed that the cast had to go to something called Cat School to learn how to play a feline.


“I’m excited it’s my first film,” Jason told us this morning. “It was a lot of fun, we had to go to Cat School.”

“Cat school? What the hell is that?” Kyle asked.

Now we know what you’re thinking – What on earth are they learning her? Lesson one would’ve been purring, lesson two is all about scratching while lesson three would be about landing on your feet every time you jump…

But according to Jason it was much more complicated than that.


“So basically for weeks on end you’re learning all about cats and you’re finding the characteristics within your cat,” he explained.

“Are you crawling around on the floor at some theatre school like ‘Meow, meow’ or is it more intense than that?” Kyle asked. Clearly he had the same idea as us.

“It’s a lot more intense than that. It’s like a deep dive. when you see the film you’ll know exactly what I mean. When Tom, the director, yells action the whole entire world transforms… It’s really unbelievable to watch.”

Jason continued to tell us what it was like to uncover the characteristics of his particular cat in the film Rum Tug Tugger, who is known to be quite rebellious and always wanting to be the centre of attention in the story.


“My character’s Rum Tum Tugger so when I’m peeling back that layers of who Rum Tum Tugger is I have to decide what mannerisms I want to use,” Jason told us. “You know different characters have different personalities and they act differently. I have to decide what mannerisms match my cat.

“It’s a daily process. Its not just something that you can do overnight.”

Sound incredible complex and artsy is you ask us! But clearly we were still caught up in the trivial idea of Cat School as Jackie’s next question really threw Jason for a six.

“When you’re pretending to be a cat at Cat School do they also make you go to the toilet in the kitty litter?” Jackie asked.

“Nah!!” Jason said, rather disgusted but the sounds of it. “These are street cats so they don’t have the luxury of kitty litter so they go wherever they can.”

Lol we love how serious Jason’s answer was to such a silly question!


Cats hits cinemas very soon on December 26! Hear more from our chat with Jason Derulo in the podcast below!

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