Over a week after it was announced that Bachelor In Paradise couple Jarrod Woodgate and Keira Maguire had split, Jarrod has finally broken his silence and he’s certainly not holding back when it comes to his ex.

The breakup was announced on Keira’s Instagram account in a since deleted post that said she was sorry if the news disappointed anyone. At the time she didn’t really give a reason for the split, but in a later interview she claimed that Jarrod dumped her because she didn’t have a full-time job.

At the time Jarrod refrained from making any statement about the breakup, but has since broken his silence in an interview with WHO Magazine, basically saying that his relationship with Keira was fake and that her obsession with Instagram was the reason behind the relationship breakdown.


“Her Instagram following is overwhelming and it was taking over our relationship. She’s purely Instagram-focused and that takes up a lot of time,” said Jarrod.

“Being in the public eye, we made it look like we had a perfect relationship and that’s what people see on Instagram. I found myself turning into something I wasn’t [and] I couldn’t fake it anymore.”

Jarrod went on to say that Keira made tons of money through Instagram, claiming she could make “over $1,500” for each post. He said that he was sick of competing with social media for his girlfriend’s attention.


“Keira is a beautiful woman and I had the best times I’ve had in my life with her. But I didn’t see it going anywhere,” he said.

“I’d spend two days a week with her and it [was] basically all Instagram-based. It’s hrd because you’re competing with 177,000 other people that follow her, but I shouldn’t have to compete.”

“For me, it wasn’t a genuine connection because everything we did went through Instagram and I’m a farm guy who hardly touches his phone.”


Well there ya go. In typical messy break up fashion they’re pretty much both just blaming each other for the split. So we’ll probably never actually know what happened to the couple but either way their love fern is officially dead.



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