This morning we had Jarrod on the show with Kyle and Jackie O, and it made us all feel for him a little more – after collective bawling from Australia last night when he was left heartbroken in Fiji.

When asked by Kyle and Jackie O if he would get back together with Sophie if things didn’t work out with she and Stu, something he said stayed fresh in our minds, long after he was off the phone.

‘Jarrod, do you think if things didn’t work out with Stu you would be there knocking on her [Sophie’s] door? What would go on there?’ Jackie asked.

‘If things didn’t work out for them and I really hope they do… work things out… I would be there for Sophie as a friend.’

(If you want to hear the part we’re talking about skip forward to the 1:00 mark in the video.)


‘Would you be interested in a relationship?’ Jackie asked.

‘Look… if the conversation went that way, but right now I’m just wishing them all the best.’

‘If she wanted to try again, I would definitely give it a go,’ he finished.

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