We all know game shows make contestants a whole range of random and embarrassing tests to win prizes and money but this Japanese game show takes it to a WHOLE new level. 

While we hope this is a parody as opposed to a long running series, the premise of this game show is for male contestants to try to sing along karaoke style for as long as they can (so to speak…) while getting a hand job from a ‘helpful’ young woman. 

Whoever thought of this idea has a warped sense of what people want to watch. 

The added benefit is that audience members are also shown at the bottom of the screen laughing and talking about the show as it happens – enjoying the moments where the contestant seems a little distracted or lacking in self control. 

Ultimately the man’s turn is over when he… hmm… finishes… With the camera even panning to the floor as proof. 

What is the world coming to!? And do they win anything other than a handsy young lady for the length of a song? Or is that the prize? 

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