Jackie couldn’t wait to speak with Janine Allis this morning. After all, Jackie is the BIGGEST Survivor fan that we know, and with Janine being nicknamed the ‘Godmother’ of the game, she was sure to have some juicy goss to talk about.

But Kyle and other ideas for our chat with Janine. Surprise, surprise, he wanted to make it all about him!

How would Kyle make a chat with the now survivor legend and Boost Juice founder about himself? Well did you know that Janine’s husband is actually responsible for putting the Kyle and Jackie O duo together?

We all do now!

“I wanted to talk about, back in the day, I was telling everyone before you came on that your husband Jeff Allis is the reason and he is responsible for pairing Jackie and I together in radio land in the year 2000,” Kyle said.

“He met me in Brisbane, thought ‘What a cheeky prick this guy is. I’m moving him to Sydney to work with Jackie’.”

Kyle wanted to know whether Janine had anything to do with this decision, which she says she didn’t, but she did have something to add to the conversation that was a massive ego boost for Kyle.


“He probably didn’t ask my advice because he probably would’v gone, ‘What would you know woman?’, about radio anyway,” Janine told us.

“But what Jeff is great at is he’s actually great at seeing talent. And he’s great at actually seeing the difference in people and how they can stand out.”

“Did he ever say to you that, ‘I’ve met the most talented male broadcaster in the history of Australia’? Did he say that?” Kyle asked, kinda joking but kinda serious.

“No, what he did say is he found someone that could be great in the radio world,” Janine replied.

“There was no one that actually said really what they thought and was really out there and he said, ‘Nup this guy could go far because he will stand out and he’ll make waves’. And clearly, I think you’ve made a couple of waves.”


And who would have thought that some 19 years later, Kyle and Jackie would still be together as a number one breakfast radio show! Well Jeff clearly did. But how do they actually make it work after such a long period of time?

“What makes you two work? What is the combination in you two that makes it just gold?” Janine asked.

“Tolerance,” Kyle joked.

“A lot of people ask that question though,” he added on a serious note. “I think, the true answer from me is that we respect each other and I don’t ever feel I’m competing with her.”


Yep Kyle and Jack are just like an old married couple, and that’s probably why they’ve managed to put up with each other for so long!

Here’s to another 20 years, amiright?