Jamie Oliver’s wife Jools has been attacked by his followers over the family’s choice of baby carrier.

In a picture, posted by Jamie, congratulating his wife on her 42 birthday, Jools is seen carrying their youngest child River in a front facing carrier.

It led followers to be concerned the carrier may be wrong for the development of the baby’s hips.

‘River doesn’t look particularly cosy in that pic. Should never front face,’ wrote one reader.  

“Happy birthday. But please never use that carrier again,” another added. “It’s not ergonomic for the child and can cause hip dysplasia. Use a carrier that supports from knee to knee.”

Some commentators did jump to Jools defence but a UK organisation ‘The British Association of Babywearing Instructors does instruct parents not to use the sling as ‘ forces your baby’s back straight against your chest and causes their legs to dangle in a harness like position.”


“This can mean the baby’s weight rests on his crotch rather than being spread from his bottom and thighs.”

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