It looks like another reboot could be on the way, this time for a Nickelodeon classic!

Jamie Lynn Spears, who starred in hit show Zoey 101, seemingly confirmed that the show was getting a reboot in a cryptic post to Instagram.

The post appeared to be of a script that was mostly scribbled out, apart from a name and a very familiar catchphrase.

The name Sean could be seen along with the words “Gimme that bacon!”. Fans were quick to piece the puzzle together, noticing that Sean Flynn played the character Chase Matthews in the show and the odd saying was known as his catch phrase.

Some of the other actors involved in the show, Paul Butcher and Chris Massey, also added fuel to the fire with comments on the post.

“Somethings coming,” wrote Butcher, who played Dustin Brooks, while Massey, who played Michael Barret, added a smirking and muscle emoji.


Zoey 101 stopped airing in May 2008 and rumours of a reboot began circling in July this year. At the time, it was thought that the reboot would revisit the students of Pacific Coast Academy ten years on.

The rumours came after the cast had a reunion, sharing a video for Spears who couldn’t be there at the time.

We SO hope this is true! Lizzie McGuire already has a reboot on the way, so why not Zoey 101!