This morning Kyle and Jackie O caught up with James Packer’s ex, Kate Fischer. She spoke to the guys about her bid to lose weight, thanks to her partnership with New Idea.

Currently weighing in at around 120kg, the former model revealed she became depressed after a close friend moved away, and would eat pizza and drink as she lay on the couch.

She also spoke about her relationship with James Packer, claiming the most relaxed she ever saw him was when she told friends who thought they were getting a first class trip to Bali with the billionaire would be staying at home so that she and James could enjoy some time together.

Thanks to Tzipporah Malka (aka Kate Fischer) for being so open this morning on #KJshow x

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According to various report, Kate, who has changed her name to Tzipporah Malka, has mentioned that part of the reason her relationship with James didn’t work out was because they were never on their own.

She also spoke about how during her lowest time, the infamous ‘Open letter to Mariah’ was born.


It was in this letter that she addressed her split with James and how much it hurt – but that wasn’t even the part that got us.

After their split, she revealed to Kyle and Jackie O that she threw all of her jewels from James into the ocean, saying she felt totally liberated. When asked how much the jewels tossed were worth, she said, “Oh, you know, millions of dollars.”

Oh GOSH! So at the bottom of the ocean, we suspect somewhere near Bondi, lies millions of dollars worth of jewels that represent the love lost between James Packer and Kate Fischer, I mean, Tzipporah Malka.

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