It’s not long now until we find out which guy won Angie Kent’s heart on The Bachelorette and to be honest we were quite shocked to find out it wouldn’t be Jackson!

While Jackson was the youngest fella in the mansion, he had a strong connection with Angie! But last night he was taken out of the running when he didn’t receive a rose.

So with just three guys left, Ryan, Timm and Carlin, who will be standing at the end with the final rose?

Jackson joined Kyle and Jackie O in studio this morning when he revealed his top pick for the winner.

“Who do you see as the right person for Angie?” Jackie asked.


“Listen I was going to say Jamie, but obviously he’s not there anymore,” Jackson joked in reference to this season’s stage five clinger.

“But nah, I really think Timm,” he continued. “That bloke can make anyone laugh.”

Time also had a good connection with Angie from the get go, arriving on the red carpet with a bunch of Sunflowers.

Not only did these happen to be her favourite flower but she also previously told Kyle and Jackie O that they remind her of her late grandmother and she sees them as a sign that she’s in the right place.

Time is also pretty darn sweet, so we forgive him for spelling his name with two ‘Ms’.


“He is a good bloke,” Jackson continued about Timm. “I reckon he’s got her heart for sure.

”He can’t stand still. He’s deadset got some real energy issues, but he makes everyone laugh and he was making everyone laugh he whole time. And I think that was the thing that concerned me the most about him being my biggest competition.”

Jackie agreed saying, “I would like to see him there in the final.”

And we have to say, we agree too!

We’ll have to wait and see how the final week of Angie’s season plays out next week! The Bachelorette continues next Wednesday and Thursday from 7:30PM.