Whenever the fellas or gals are introduced on The Bachelor franchise, all of us mega fans do a deep dive of their Instagram pages, just because really.

It’s a great way for us to quickly get to know what each of them will be like and work out whether they’ll be sticking around for long on the show.

But what was found on Jackson from Angie Kent’s season of The Bachelorette was a tad questionable…

No it didn’t show him to be a big party boy or a womaniser. The photo that was a bit questionable was one of him and Leonardo DiCaprio that was definitely photoshopped.

Posted from the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2016, you could see the fine lines of one mega photoshop fail.


At the time, the image was captioned, “The one and only”, but after the image started making it into the headlines he owned up to the photoshop fail editing the caption to read, “This is why you can’t believe everything you read in the mags #PurposefullPhotoshopFail”.

So why did Jackson photoshop a pic of himself with the Hollywood actor? Many people thought he was just trying to make himself seem cool.

But following his eviction from the Bachelorette mansion last night Jackson joined Kyle and Jackie O in studio when he revealed the real answer.

“The famous photo of you photoshopped with Leonardo DiCaprio, tell me about that,” Jackie said on air this morning.


Turns out the photo came from an actual trip to America with his dad.

“So me and dad actually went over on a business trip to America, we were actually looking for a shop for a pie shop over there, an on Hollywood Boulevard there’s a little tourist attraction that photoshops you in with celebrities,” Jackson said.

So he didn’t actually photoshop the image himself. He paid someone else to do it. But not to make us think he was cooler, it was actually to trick his mum.

“We thought you know what would be great, we’ll gee up mum, you get one with Kim Kardashian and I’ll get one with Leo,” Jackson continued.

“Who’s going to be gullible enough to think that those two will be in the same place at at the same time. Anyway so I put it on my Instagram. Mum ate it up and I didn’t deny it on Instagram.

“And then when I finally came clean, I didn’t come clean on Instagram but mum was so cut with me. She goes, ‘How dare you’.


So really it was just harmless fun in the States! Jackson told us that he really thought people would realise it was a joke.

“That’s why I did it with him because you know how extraordinary that he’s just walking around on Hollywood Boulevard, no hat and sunnies,” Jackson added, also pointing out that his pose was pretty laughable.

So nothing weird going on here it was all for fun!

Check out more from our chat with Jackson in the video above!

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