Jackie’s always been someone who can handle her spicy food. Chillies? She loves them! Hot sauce? Can’t get enough! But today, she finally met her match in terms of hot stuff!

Kyle and Jackie were playing a game of ‘Who Do You Believe’ on air this morning. This time around Kyle had the fake item, a Golden Gaytime ice-cream, where as Jackie, unfortunately for her, had the real item, the world’s hottest corn chips!

During this game, Kyle and Jackie have to do their best to convince one listener that they are the ones who in fact have the real item in studio, and so of course Jackie had no choice but to eat some of the spicy suckers.

Now of course, you might be thinking, how hot are these chips really? Well hot enough for them to put a whole ton of warnings on the packet!

“It gives you a warning right, it says, do not consume on an empty stomach, if you are pregnant, if you have any medical conditions, if you have gastro intestinal problems,” read Jackie from the packet.

As for the ingredients, these corn chips include the Carolina Reaper Chilli, Scorpion Chilli and Bhut Jolokia Chilli, which TBH we don’t really know all too much about but it doesn’t sound like something that would be tame! 

Despite this warning, Jackie started out very confident, boasting about how much she loves a bit of spice. But the picture very quickly changed after she took her first bite.


“Oh yeah, that’s hot! I’m feeling the burn”, exclaimed Jackie through coughs and splutters after her first bite. “Oh my God my mouth’s on fire! No way am I eating that again because that’s actually super hot!”

Poor Jackie! Do you think you could handle the heat? Watch the video of Jackie’s attempt above!

It’s safe to say that she won the game of ‘Who Do You Believe’! Kyle’s fake ice cream act was no match for Jackie’s real reaction to these bad boys!