If you tuned into the Kyle and Jackie O show during first calls this morning you might be thinking, ‘Who the heck is that co-hosting with Kyle this morning?’

Gone was our blonde beauty Jackie O and in her place was a mysterious dark haired woman with a very thick accent…

Okay okay, it really was Jackie but in an attempt to conceal her identity Jackie was attempting to create the perfect disguise this morning involving props and all.

Why? Well we surprised Jackie yesterday at the end of the show by springing on her that her celebrity nemesis would be coming on the show for an interview today and Jackie was panicked, to say the least.

The celeb is Jane Seymour, and the reason Jackie was so worried was because the last time she saw the actress, Jackie almost got arrested!

While Jackie is yet to explain the complete story on air (apparently we’ll get the whole ordeal in detail later in the show today) the basic gist is that Jackie tricked Jane into letting her inside her house by lying about having an interview scheduled with her.

Anyway, with Jane coming on air later today and Jackie certain that she’ll remember exactly what happened, Jackie decided to put on a disguise in order to get through the interview.


She began with a black wig, shocking Kyle as she walked in studio this morning looking a bit like a hot version of Edna Mode from the incredibles.

Then one of our listeners had an idea to help Jackie’s disguise – she should put on an accent!

But after hearing Jackie’s attempts, we’d say that no, she really shouldn’t be faking an accent!

First she tried Irish, and let’s just say we had no idea whether she was actually speaking English during that one. Then she attempted British but it came out much more cockney, making her sound like a bit like a drunk Mary Poppins.

Honestly we think that Jackie would just be better being herself when Jane walks in and owning it, but hey, we’re kind of curious to see how this clearly fake wig and hilarious accent will go down. No doubt it will be VERY entertaining.

Jane Seymour joins Kyle and Jackie O later this morning! Tune in LIVE here!


And check out Jackie’s attempt at putting on an accent in the podcast below.