Yesterday was International Women’s Day and to celebrate the success and power of women across our radio network, some of the women wrote a letter to their younger selves, giving advice, words of wisdom and encouragement.

One of these women was our very own Jackie O, who chose to write a letter to her 14-year-old self.

The letter was published online for IWD yesterday before Jackie read out her words on air for all of our listeners this morning.

Along with advice about smoking, some wise words about body image, a few inside jokes and of course a little insight into becoming successful in the radio biz, Jackie opened up about becoming a mother.

Jackie now shares a 9-year-old daughter Kitty with Lee Henderson and she told her 14-year-old self in the letter that it will be the best thing that ever happened to her.


Whilst reading the letter ourselves was enough to bring a few tears to our eyes, when it came to reading out this particular section on air this morning, Jackie couldn’t help but let her tears flow.

“You career will bring you so much happiness, but the greatest joy in life will come from having a child,” Jackie said as her voice began to break.

“You’ll have a girl, sorry to ruin the surprise, but she’s now 9-years-old and she is awesome. She’s everything you ever hoped your child would be.”

As Jackie continued to describe the beautiful girl that Kitty would become, she couldn’t hold back her tears any longer.

“She’s kind yet strong, she loves animals, she’s extremely compassionate and she wouldn’t hurt a fly, but she packs some insane Jiu Jitsu moves. Yep, by the age of nine she’ll be able to bring a grown man down in a headlock if she needs to.”

Jackie concluded her message about Kitty by describing the “special bond” that they share.


“She will love you so much and you’ll love her even more. It’s a special bond that sometimes will make you cry at night. Get ready though, because having a child will wreak havoc on your hormones and you’ll become a different person.”

It truly was a beautiful moment!

Another particularly beautiful moment from Jackie’s letter was her mention of her longtime friend and work partner Kyle, calling him her “soulmate”.

You can read Jackie’s full letter to her 14-year-old self or listen to Jackie reading it out on air this morning in the video above below!