You might’ve been completely shocked and rightfully a bit upset if you read an article over the weekend that said Jackie had been fired from her position as co-host of the Kyle and Jackie O show.

But we’re here to put your mind at ease and tell you that this is completely FALSE and unfortunately our very own Jackie has been the latest Aussie celeb to be caught up in a fake news scam.

The reports were brought to our attention during first calls when one concerned listener called in to make sure the new wasn’t true.

“On Facebook on the weekend Jackie there was an article that popped up saying you had been sacked from KIIS FM,” said our listener Tracey.

You could tell from the expression on Jackie’s face as soon as Tracey finished her sentence that this was definitely news to her! Tracey went on to explain the evidence that the article had about Jackie’s supposed firing and why the company had decided to let her go.

“Under your contract you’re not allowed to have another business and you have started a business for wrinkle cream,” Tracey continued.

It was at this point that Jackie realised she had been the latest victim in one of those Facebook scams that makes up information about a well known personality endorsing a particular product to encourage people to click on it or purchase the product.


The article detailed that Jackie had been let go from her position on the KIIS 1065 breakfast team because she had partnered with a rival company to launch her new cosmetics line.

It also said that the radio network had decided to “let Kyle carry on the show by himself, without her”.

But of course this is simply not true and Jackie proved as much by:

1. appearing on the show this morning with Kyle

and 2. shutting down the rumours herself.

“So they’re saying that I’m the ambassador for this wrinkle cream…that’s so bizarre,” she said. “Yeah no that didn’t happen. I’m not even part of any wrinkle cream. That’s not true.”


So just a public service announcement for everyone, Jackie is DEFINITELY still working at KIIS 1065 and no, she doesn’t have her own cosmetics brand! So if you do happen to click on one of these false headlines, just know that it’s a massive scam!

This comes after Kyle also fell victim to one of these scam articles back in February, after someone claimed that Kyle was investing in their bitcoin company.

Just recently journalists on the Nine Network have also been affected by the fake news scandal with both Georgie Gardner and Deborah Knight having advertisements made up and posted about them.

So be careful what you’re clicking on and reading people! These scams are getting way too clever…

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