Nothing like ending the show with a cleavage shot for your Friday…

In case you missed it, things took a VERY unexpected turn on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning, which resulted in Jackie sending off a shot of her cleavage to none other than radio legend John Laws.

We know!! Just let that shock sink in for a moment!

Anyway it all came about because of some audio of Lawsie that we played on our show yesterday where he went on a bit of a rant about cleavage. In the audio John was talking about Kelly Rowland’s outfit on The Voice and seemed to take issue with the amount of cleavage she was showing.

“I had to turn my head away obviously because she was displaying a lot of bosom,” John said. “Who is that woman on The Voice? Kelly Rowland? Does she do anything except expose her bosom?”

While we were talking about this moment on air, Jackie called Lawsie “old school” and it seems that he took offence with that term because he then replied on his own radio show.

And basically he just roasted the heck out of Jackie ‘Nought’, as he calls her!


“Jackie said, ‘very old school, he sees cleavage on TV and freaks out’,” Lawsie read out on his show. “Jackie why do you have to be like that? I see cleavage on TV and I freak out. I don’t freak out! I enjoy it. Stupid woman you are Jackie.”

Jackie couldn’t stop laughing when she heard that, but instead of replying once again, she decided to do something even better… She decided to go through her phone and find a photo of herself with her cleavage on full display and send it to Lawsie!

“Why don’t you send Lawsie a selfie of your bosoms and say, ‘No hard feelings’,” Kyle suggested.

And to everyone’s surprise, Jackie replied, “Okay!”.

Isolation has obviously made Jackie keen for any form of communication because we seriously weren’t expecting this! But Jackie went and chose a photo (a seriously hot one at that) and sent it off!

How did Lawsie react? Hear what happened after Jackie set off her cleavage pic in the podcast below!