We know you all want Jackie to follow in the footsteps of her bestie Sophie Monk and be the next Bachelorette but we’re here to deliver the bad news to all single guys out there and tell you that there’s slim to none chance of Jackie ever looking for love on reality TV.

Well that is, she wouldn’t do it right now…

But speaking about the subject on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning, Jackie admitted that it’s something that she would’ve definitely considered doing while she was younger.

Kyle and Jackie were chatting about the women heading into this season of The Bachelor during Jackie’s O News when she revealed that she would’ve done it back in the day.

“Would you ever go in there as one of the girls?” Kyle asked. “If you weren’t on radio. If you weren’t already mega famous yourself, if you were just a suburban girl and you were in your situation, you’d throw your hat in the ring?”

“Yeah probably,” Jackie admitted.

“Like not now at this age with a kid but like when I was younger, yeah I would’ve I reckon I would probably want to go on a show like that.”


As for which one of the reality TV shows she’d actually consider doing, Jackie ruled out the incredibly popular MAFS straight away. And we have to agree with her on that one.

“I’m trying to think of the ones I would enter,” she continued. “Yes I would enter The Bachelor, I wouldn’t enter Married At First Sight… Yeah I would do Love Island. I reckon Love Island actually would be fun, coz you don’t have to do anything except sit around and sun bake and maybe hook up with a guy.”

We like your style Jackie!

But obviously Jackie said that she’d rule out all of the shows now, and yep, including the Bachelorette.

“So you think in your 40s it’s to find love?” Kyle asked.

“Oh yeah, I can’t be a contestant on The Bachelor at 40,” Jackie replied.


“You could be The Bachelorette though?”

“NO!” Jackie exclaimed. “No, no no.”

So that’s a definite no guys! But boy, younger Jackie would’ve had some FUN on reality TV!

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