Yep Jackie really is just a honey making her money…for the struggling Aussie farmers that is at least!

While a lot of people may have originally questioned whether Jackie would be able to create a hit song and make it actually work in the market, this morning she’s proving all of them wrong after her single Honey Money has literally risen above all others and hit NUMBER ONE on the charts!

And it’s safe to say that we just had a massive party in studio to celebrate! 

Earlier this week we announced that Jackie’s song had been uploaded to all download and streaming platforms and that all proceeds from it will be donated to Drought Angels, a charity which directly helps farmers and rural communities doing it tough at the moment.

And since then people have really been loving it! So much so that Honey Money has been creeping up the charts! Earlier this week we made the announcement during the show that Jackie had made it to number 21 on the iTunes charts.

And Jackie was seriously blown away by this news.

“Wow!”, exclaimed Jackie. “If we could get it even higher that would be awesome but I didn’t even think it would crack the top one hundred!”


“That’s so cool, 21 Kyle!,” Jackie continued to gush.

But if Jackie thought that was incredible, then just wait until later on the show at about 8:50am when we broke the news to Jackie that Honey Money had since shot up in the charts and moved into the top 10 position!

“Hey guys, breaking news!”, exclaimed Kyle. “Jackie’s Honey Money just hit the top ten!”


Jackie was in complete shock! “Oh that’s awesome! That’s amazing!” she said in disbelief.

But it didn’t stop there. Throughout the day Honey Money kept creeping onwards and upwards and we held out breath as it did so. 

When the show began this morning at 6am Jackie’s song was sitting at number 2 just under George Ezra’s song ‘Shotgun’. But just after 8:30pm the moment happened. JACKIE HIT NUMBER 1!! 

A massive thank you to everyone who has supported Jackie and of course the farmers who all of the proceeds will be going to.

If you haven’t downloaded Honey Money yet, don’t worry you still can! Find out where you can download or stream Honey Money through the links below!

To Buy/Download (With all proceeds going to Drought Angels)


– iTunes

 Google Play

To Stream

 Apple Music




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