Jackie has learnt the hard way that you should never let an older relative follow you on Instagram after one cheeky comment left her in a bit of a misunderstanding.

It all started when Jackie’s 70-year-old mother signed up to the social media platform just a short while ago and like most older relatives has no idea how it works just yet.

But regardless of not yet having the workings of Instagram down pat, Jackie’s mum has somehow worked out how to keep an eye on Jackie’s personal profile and is now keeping track of her every move.

So much so that she saw some of the things that went down when the Kyle and Jackie O team went out for work drinks on Friday night. (And if you too follow any of us on socials, you’ll know it was quite a messy one…) And well, one photo in particular from that night ended up getting Jackie and her mum in a bit of an argument.

“So work drinks was Friday, she texts me and says, ‘Make sure you don’t have too much to drink’, and then she sees an Instagram story go up and she goes, ‘Oh you look like you’ve had a bit. Are you okay?’,” explained Jackie on air this morning.

“The next day, Intern Pete puts up a picture and tags me in it…and he just titles it ‘Work drinks’, and I’m obviously tagged in this post so my mum has somehow seen this post,” she continued.



“And someone, Meek Mitch who works in our digital department…he’s written a comment on the post and his comment is, ‘Thanks so much for cutting half my head off Peter you daft c***’.”

Next think you know, Jackie’s mum is sending her a number of angry text messages, telling her how inappropriate it was of her to swear on her social media and how disappointed in her she was.

“Don’t ever let me see you use the C-word on Instagram ever again,” read the message from her mum. “I can only assume you were drinking too much. I never thought you would use that word. I’m so disappointed in you.”

Ooh not the disappointment card! Everyone knows that’s the worst thing your parents can say when they’re mad.

But of course, Jackie was feeling incredibly confused. She could’ve, well, sworn that she hadn’t used a single swear word on her page! That’s when it clicked.

“Mum is really clueless when it comes to Instagram, she hasn’t quite got her head wrapped around it yet,” explained Jackie. “She thinks I’ve used that C-Word!”


“And so I say, ‘Mum, the person saying the C-Word is another person, it’s not me.”

Jackie’s mum felt so bad after that she sent her a massive apology! And it’s true, she clearly really has no idea how Instagram works!

“She responds, ‘I’m confused. I thought if it’s on your Instagram than you have said it. But I now see that someone else has said it. How can someone else post a photo on your Instagram? I’m terribly sorry I should’ve known better. Please forgive me. I love you.’”

Oh dear…But we’ve all been there with at least one of our clueless relatives who are trying to be hip and keep up with the younger generations online! Do you have a story about how terrible your parents are with social media? Let us know in the comments!

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