You’ll never understand true pain until you’ve been a girl absolutely BUSTING to use the loo at a club.

You’ve been drinking and it’s likely you’ve broken what they call the seal, and yet the long lines that you’ll find at the public bathrooms will stop you from finding any sort of relief.

Yep, there really is no busier place than a female restroom at a nightclub.

Well, not if you’re as big of a star as Lindsay Lohan.

According to Lindsay’s The Masked Singer co-stars, our very own Jackie O and Dannii Minogue, Lindsay actually gets her own cubicle reserved for her in clubs. And yep, now we’re officially jealous.

Jackie revealed the info to us as Kyle was grilling the girls about what really goes on behind-the-scenes of The Masked Singer.

She told us about how all of the crew went out to a club at the Star Casino in Sydney after filming had wrapped one night, explaining that Lindsay truly got the VIP experience wherever she went.


And it turns out, so does anyone else who joins Lindsay!

“We went out one night to the casino and we went to the casino nightclub and it was so good because Lindsay has a lot of security with her,” Jackie explained. “Which I loved because I reaped the benefits of her security team when I went to go to the toilet.”

“So I went to the public toilet in this nightclub and there’s girls everywhere lining up for the toilet,” she continued. “And Lindsay’s security take me into the toilet and there’s one cubicle that just says ‘Do Not Use’ and it was reserved for Lindsay.

“I was escorted to the celebrity cubicle!”

While it was convenient, Jackie felt a bit embarrassed when she walked out of the cubicle and back amongst us commoners because she didn’t want anyone to think she was a diva.


“I felt a bit stupid… When I came out I started talking to everyone because I don’t want them to think… Because it’s not for me. It wasn’t for me,” Jackie added.

We wouldn’t have cared in the slightest! If someone offers you a free cubicle in a nightclub you take it and ENJOY IT JACKIE!

Gosh we need to find us some friends like Lindsay Lohan…

Hear more from our chat in the video above!

The Masked Singer starts Monday September 23 at 7:30PM on Channel 10.

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