There’s no doubt that after the Royal Wedding, Meghan Markle has started a lot of fashion trends. We expected brides to start copying her dress, that gorgeous flowing veil and even her hairstyle for their own nuptials.

But the one thing that we really didn’t expect people to replicate is Meghan Markle’s freckles!!

Meghan looked simply stunning as she went for a more simple look, coating her skin in a thin, sheer layer of Dior foundation for the big day on May 19, letting her cute freckles poke out from underneath.

Since then, women everywhere have been letting their more natural complexions shine through and have been showing off their freckles on social media using the hashtag ‘#freckleslikemeghan’.

But for those who aren’t, we guess lucky enough, to be blessed with a natural dusting of freckles, women across the globe have been taking the drastic measure of flocking to their nearest tattoo parlours to get the beauty spots imprinted permanently on their skin!


But was it really Meghan that started this trend? Jackie was discussing the subject during her O News segment when she claimed that she should really be the true inspiration behind the fake freckle trend.

“Brooklyn was mentioning in the new earlier, I thought I’d bring it up, about freckles being back and they’re going to be tattooed on with a lot of girls,” said Jackie. “I like to think I started this trend.”

Most of our listeners would know that Jackie used to put fake freckles on her face every single day until Kyle called her out for them.

Basically Jackie said that she could understand the interest because having freckles on your skin makes it look like you’re wearing less makeup and have a more natural look. But she had a much simpler method than those who are getting them inked onto their skin.

And so she decided to do a little demonstration for everyone! Find out how Jackie managed to get a flawless fake freckle look without any needles in the video above!

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