We’re calling it, that was just the BEST segment we’ve ever done! Or at least one of the best.

It had celebrities, it had humour, it was brutal at times and basically it was just down right CLASSIC Kyle and Jackie O!

You know Kyle and Jackie O’s infamous segment ‘Too Much Information’ or TMI for short? It’s the segment that sees single guys and girls come on air and reveal facts about themselves to possible suitors.

If the suitors don’t like what they hear, they hang up on the call. The last person standing then gets to go on a date with the single guy or gal!

Well today we played TMI once again but with one BIG difference! Not only was today’s TMI the celeb edition, but it was the celeb BESTIE edition!

Yesterday Kyle announced that he had come up with a little plan to help Jackie find a friend, because he seems to think that she’s been a tad lonely.

So he decided to enlist the help of a bunch of female celebrities to play TMI with the possibility of coming out at the end of it as Jackie’s new BFF!


So here’s who we had on the line as Jackie’s possible new friends:

– Samantha Jade
– Anna Heinrich
– Ricki-Lee
– Jules Sebastian
– Sarah Harris
– Jessica Rowe
– Angie Kent
– Sylvia Jeffreys
– Athena X

With the girls ready and sitting patiently on the phone it was then up to Jackie to keep them there as she revealed various facts about herself that we’ll admit, certainly weren’t her best qualities.

But Jackie was adamant to keep it real and make sure the various celebs knew what they were getting into with their friendship.

“I’m not going to pretend I’m something I’m not,” Jackie said.

And so she went ahead and told the girls various facts about herself, from the rule that her friends have to be up for a few wines, enjoy playing board games, allow her full approval of all photos posted to social media and be prepared for Jackie to cancel plans at the last minute.


By the end, we’d had a LOT of the women hanging up for various reasons… In fact it got pretty savage!

But Jackie did end up making a new friend! Find out who stuck around until the very end in the podcast below!

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