You might remember a few weeks ago Jackie debuted her first ever single after a dare from Kyle forced her to put her music skills to the test.

And while it all might have started out as a bit of a joke, the song ‘Honey Money’, sung by Jackie and featuring the rapping skills of our audio producer Kian, was an instant hit!

Not only did everyone on the Kyle and Jackie O team think that the song was a success but our listeners were also raging about it, claiming that the song would be their new jam in the club. And while that’s all well and good, those reviews are nothing in comparison to what a seasoned professional had to say!

Today when speaking with good friend of the show Keith Urban, Jackie and Beau Ryan, who was filling in this morning for Kyle, decided to play a snippet of the tune to see what he thought. And his reaction was seriously priceless!

Jackie was quick to explain to Keith first though that it was not meant to be taken seriously and the song was written as a bit of a spoof. You know, to save a bit of embarrassment in case Keith didn’t actually like it.

“Keith, Jackie recently brought out a song,” started Beau before Jackie quickly interrupted. “Oh Keith can I just explain something,” she said.

“As you know Keith I cannot sing but Kyle set me a challenge, coz I was like questioning how difficult is it to write a hit song. I’ve always wondered is it a really hard thing to do or not…And so as just a joke, we played the song on air a couple of days later.”


“I need your opinion on this, your honest opinion Keith,” continued Beau. “Let us know what you think of the song and how Jackie went.”

There was nothing more Jackie could do to downplay the basis behind her song. It was crunch time and award winning singer/songwriter Keith Urban was about to critique her work. (But we warn you Keith, if you got beef you can save it for your sanga, as Jackie would say…)

There was silence from Keith this whole time and he didn’t utter a word down the phone until the song had completely finished. And he didn’t have much to say, but we have to say that his few words were pretty darn encouraging!

“I’ve found my new ringtone!” said Keith.

He went on to say that even he has trouble writing songs sometimes so he was pretty impressed with Jackie’s efforts.

“It’s like, I don’t play golf, but by all accounts it’s like you can have a day where you’re just completely in the zone and it’s happening and then the very next day you’re like, ‘what the hell, nothing’s coming’ and it’s just absolutely illusive.”


Yep, you’ve got to admit ‘Honey Money’ is an absolute tune! If you think it’s ringtone worthy like Keith you can easily listen to the single through the video below!

Jackie Debuts Her Single Honey Money

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