Jackie O don’t need no man! And boy oh boy do we love the female power that was coming through from her message about being single this morning.

During Jackie’s O News this morning we spoke about how Hollywood actress Charlize Theron says she doesn’t want to get married again and that she’s quite happy being single and just living her life.

“I get it, I’m like Charlize actually,” Jackie admitted this morning admitting that she feels “exactly the same”.

Jackie opened up about what it’s like being single now, admitting that she hasn’t been single for this long since she was still a teenager.

But despite this fact, Jackie admitted that she is actually really happy and isn’t sure if a relationship is something that she wants anymore as she now gets to just focus on her life with her daughter Kitty.

“I don’t know if I ever really want to live with someone again,” Jackie told us. “I don’t get lonely and I’m really happy with my daughter and that’s kind of it for me for right now. I don’t think about it.”

“One day at a time and this is how I feel right now.”


“That’s fine! I think that’s good,” Kyle said in support of Jackie. “That’s in control of your own life and you don’t need a man.”

Jackie went on to explain that she’s never had this time to reflect on single life as she’s always moved on pretty quickly from relationship to relationship.

“I’ve never, ever in my life been at this point,” Jackie continued. “Every time I’ve been out of a relationship I’ve wanted to get back into one as quick as I can because I couldn’t be alone.”

“I literally was out of a relationship and then on the hunt for a new relationship.”


Jackie said that she doesn’t know why she felt that way during her younger years, but that right now she’s incredibly happy with where she is in life because she’s finally okay being single.

“I feel really great that I’m able to be on my own and be happy,” she said. “I think that’s really a great place to be.

“But I do worry that in 10 years time I’m going to be like, ‘Oh did I make a mistake?’ and now I really want someone. I don’t know what to think actually.

“It’s just nice to feel happy being alone, don’t you think?”

We 100% agree! And we think it takes a very strong person to actually get to this place.

“And don’t get me wrong, I’ve been very happy in my relationships but I just never thought that I’d get to a stage where I’d be okay being on my own because I never was,” Jackie concluded.


We’re so happy that you’re happy Jackie! Hear more in the podcast below.

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