Kyle thought that he knew everything there was to know about his co-host Jackie; after all they spend the better half of their day together every day at work and have done so for over 20-years now.

But today Kyle learned something quite major about Jackie as she revealed that she, like many Australians, has had a brush with skin cancer in both the past and present.

Jackie started out by telling Kyle that he was not to make fun of her when she shows up to work in the next few weeks and warned him that she was likely to have a massive scar on her forehead.

When Kyle had no idea what she meant by this, Jackie explained that she was going to be getting a skin cancer cut out after one of her regular checkups found an abnormality.

“I always have skin cancer checks I have to get them every six months because I get them so much,” said Jackie. It’s just in my genetics.”

“Have you ever had skin cancer before?” asked Kyle, slightly shocked by this confession.

“Yeah I’ve had heaps cut out but they’ve always been in places that you don’t see,” responded Jackie. “They’re harmless ones, they’re not the deadly ones.”


What Jackie means by this is that they’re skin cancers that have not fully developed into a melanoma, but are then cut out as a precautionary measure to make sure they don’t worsen.

Dr KIIS gave us a doctors perspective and explained that the correct term is known as a BCC, meaning Basal Cell Carcinoma, and that it’s essentially the first stage of a skin cancer.

“It’s one of the first basic levels of skin cancer and thankfully for these ones they rarely cause problems, they rarely spread through the body and they very very rarely lead to death,” explained Dr KIIS.

“But the thing about having one of those, it tells us that you’ve had enough skin damage to lead to one form of skin cancer, which means you’re more at risk of having the other skin cancer like a melanoma, and they’re the ones that could kill you.”

Dr KIIS went on to say that you should definitely cut BCCs out as a precaution which is exactly what jackie is doing, but the fact that this most recent one is actually going to be incredibly visible being in the middle of her forehead, makes her quite nervous.

“So this is the worst part, it’s right here right on my forehead” said Jackie as she pointed directly to the middle part of her forehead.


“It’s pale pink, a lot of skin cancers you don’t see, you don’t think is a skin cancer, you just think it’s a blemish or something.”

This is something that shocked Jackie the most throughout the years of getting her skin checked; the fact that a lot of the time the parts that are actually skin cancers aren’t moles but usually appear as something much more inconspicuous. And this was what the doctor found on her face.

“And she [the doctor] said oh that’s a big one,” continued Jackie. “I’ve covered it up with makeup. I haven’t had it cut out yet…I’ll probably get it done in the next couple of weeks.”

The reason why Jackie is so worried is that the doctor told her that it’s definitely a big one and so she has no idea how big the scar is going to be. And well our listeners weren’t really doing much to ease her mind on this part.

One listener told Jackie that they have a massive scar left over after a plastic surgeon cut a skin cancer out of their backside.

“Thanks for putting THAT call through,” said Jackie sarcastically.


Listen to Jackie’s experience in the video above.

And remember, every single person should be getting their skin checked on a regular basis because skin cancer can be much more common than you might think.

“That’s why I’m always getting checked and why everyone should get checked,” concluded Jackie.

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