It’s been a hot minute since our very own Jackie O worked in TV with shows like

Big Brother, Popstars and Australian Princess.

But it seems like after watching Kyle make his comeback to the small screen recently with his own Judge Judy style show, Trial By Kyle, Jackie’s been inspired to make a comeback of her own.

And in one SERIOUSLY big way!

Today it has been announced that Jackie will join an all-star cast of panelists on Network Ten’s The Masked Singer!

Other panelists will include Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan, Dannii Minogue and Dave Hughes!

While speaking about the announcement on air this morning, Jackie revealed that she’s already spoken to Lindsay about joining forces for the show after Lindsay actually slid into her DM’s.


“She reached out to me actually on Instagram. She’s a woman of few words,” Jackie told us.

“She just wrote, ‘Hi’, and I was like, here we go, she’s opening up a dialogue. I did the, ‘Hey, how are you going? Are you excited about the show we’re doing?’.”

“And what did she say?” Kyle asked.

“‘Yep.’ That’s it. The conversation was over,” Jackie replied through laughter.

The Masked Singer Australia is one of the latest shows signed on by Ten and has been described as the country’s biggest game of guess who!

It will see 12 celebrities take the stage, hidden beneath some pretty odd masks and disguises. The panelists, along with everyone at home, will work as musical detectives to try and work out who is behind each mask based on the sound of their voice and various clues.


Each episode the celebrities will perform and at the end of the night, the person with the least votes will be eliminated, forcing them to reveal their true identity by taking off their mask.

The show will be hosted by the Bachie Franchise’s own Osher Gunsberg and is being produced by Warner Bros. Australia after the show’s success over in America.

We can’t wait to see this come to life on our TV screens very soon!

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